Yacht Chartering

At Horizon Yachting Cyprus, we pride ourselves in having organized probably the best bareboat charters and flotillas on the island, and we aim to continue doing so! Our extensive knowledge of the charter business, track record and network of associates provides us with access to the best deals on brand new flagships or other thoroughly maintained sailing yachts and catamarans, which in recent years have included unique flagship yachts and destinations, one-way arrangements and activities that set us apart.

Cruising club

Horizon Yachting runs a private cruising club. The cruising club brings together like minded individuals and provides a healthy atmosphere for socialising.

It serves yacht owners who seek crew and sailors who seek crewing opportunities to build their experience.

ASA Sailing Courses

Horizon Yachting (Cyprus) is affiliated with the American Sailing Association and trains sailors to a set of internationally recognised standards making sailing education a fun and enjoyable activity available to everyone.

Sailing education is at the centre of our activities and we strive to tailor our courses to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Yachting services

At Horizon Yachting we thoroughly understand the yachting industry and maintain excellent working relationships with people and companies that cover every aspect of the business.

Our clients benefit from the following services:

  1. Private boat share syndicates
  2. Yacht purchase consulting
  3. Yacht deliveries
  4. Maintenance projects


Awesome Services

Why Choose us?

Professional approach. Horizon Yachting is a professional company with people dedicated exclusively to the provision of first class sailing instruction and serving the yachting needs of its clients.

Customer support. At Horizon Yachting we make every effort to exceed our clients’ expectations. We take into consideration our clients individuality and previous experience and tailor our instruction and services to suit their needs.

Fully fledged Yachting company. Our clients can benefit from a full array of services including various levels of training by the American Sailing Association, short specialised courses, Yacht chartering and flotilla cruising, Yachting services and consulting.

Excellent opportunities to build sea-miles and experience. By organising several week-long sailing trips every year, weekend and offshore trips as well as running a private cruising club, our students get ample of opportunity to practice and gain experience.

Continuing education. Being the first sailing education provider to offer advanced courses by the American Sailing Association in Europe, there is always something more for the discerning sailor!

Sailing and Seamanship training

Sailing and Seamanship training is at the core of our business: In affiliation with the American Sailing Association we offer the most structured and efficient way to bareboat skipper qualification (by means of the ASA 101, 103, 104 bundle) which entitles you to skipper and charter sailing yachts worldwide, but we do not stop there!

ASA Logo wideHorizon Yachting (Cyprus) is affiliated with the American Sailing Association (ASA) and offers the following courses (please follow the links for detailed description):

  1. ASA101 Basic keelboat sailing
  2. ASA103 Basic coastal cruising
  3. ASA104 Bareboat cruising
  4. ASA105 Coastal Navigation
  5. ASA106 Advanced coastal cruising
  6. ASA118 Docking Endorsement

We usually advise our students to take the ASA courses in two bundles:

  1. Bareboat skipper: to become a bareboat skipper someone needs to take courses ASA101, ASA103 and ASA104. No previous experience is required. With completion of the above courses the newly certified skippers gain the knowledge and experience required for successful bareboat chartering or to skipper a sailing yacht in coastal waters in moderate weather conditions.
  2. Advanced cruising skipper: To become an advanced cruising skipper someone needs to be a Bareboat skipper, have sea miles in his logbook and take courses ASA105, ASA106 and ASA118. Usually, the practical instruction for advanced cruising skippers is delivered in the context of a longer passage. Advanced Cruising skippers develop several skills and are trained to skipper a sailing vessel in all weather conditions in coastal waters or in passages

In addition to the American Sailing Association courses, we offer the following in house short courses to enhance the skills of our skippers and produce safer sailors.

  1. VHF Radio course
  2. Diesel Engine and troubleshooting course
  3. First aid courses
  4. Introduction to powerboating
  5. Mile building trips towards advanced training

Visit our Sailing Education page and Learn more

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